The Prophecy Chapter 4

Chapter 4  Halfgold let out a yelp of surprise. The huge figure was black and catlike. “What’s all this commotion about?”Asked Redloyal “J-Jaguar!” “Everybody scatter!”Blackdog yelped in surprise. Then other jaguars appeared behind the alpha. Halfgold almost fainted at that sight. What were they going to do? Halfgold was paralyzed by shock. A jaguar noticed […]

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The Prophecy Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Halfgold  woke up at sunrise with as much enthusiasm as a puppy being turned into an apprentice. She noticed Halfspeckle was still asleep. So she padded her awake. Halfgold whispered softly in her ear “Time to wake up.”  Halfspeckle blinked his eyes sleepily. Then realized they were going to the ancient oak and

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The Prophecy A Guide to the Dogs of Barkmore

Guide to the dogs of Barkmore   Headmutt   Blackdog  (A black and white Border Collie he-dog) Second in command Redloyal (A red Cavapoo he-dog) who mated with Fawntrust Pupil Halfbrown Curer   Greyheal (A gray maltipoo he-dog) Fighters   Siverfierce (A blue pitbull she-dog)  Pupil Halfgold Blackgentle (A black dachshund she-dog) Creamcalm (A short

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The Prophecy Chapter 2

Inspired by Erin Hunter Chapter 2 There were several gasps and murmurs echoing around the clearing-including hers.This is what Creamdog meant! Halfgold realized.  ”There will be extra patrols and puppies stay in the nursery. If anyone sees suspicious behavior tell me. I will go to the ancient oak to see if they can make the

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The prophecy Chapter 1

Inspired by the series Warriors Chapter 1  Where am I? Halfgold wondered. She was in a clear grassy meadow.  She could smell a whiff of prey. Then Creamdog appeared he was their pack’s old headmutt. Halfgold stared in disbelief at Creamdog. “Come” he beckoned to her. She padded hesitantly over to Creamdog. “Follow me” he

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Once upon a witch

Chapters 7-9 Chapter 7 The mighty  Soulsucker had feelings too. Every time he killed he felt a painful jerk towards his heart. He was doing this because his town reputation would fall if not his town name was “The No Soul village” (His adviser told him that name.) in order to keep it he would

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Once upon a witch

Chapters 4-6 Chapter 4 The witch wrangled him to the ground he was about to face his doom when…  He woke up with his head pounding. A lady with hopeful eyes told him the story of what had happened. She said that when he almost got killed that she and her brother had rescued him. 

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Once upon a witch

Chapters 1-3 Chapter 1  Once there was a witch that was half dead. She has been like this for a long time. She can see everyone and everything and people can feel her but she can’t breathe or feel anything and can live forever until someone slays her. Her bad fortune happened a while back

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Disease/Acrostic Poem

D istressed parents lie awake in there bed. I llnesses falls on those unlucky. S preading diseases from here to there. It feels as if everyone has fallen ill. E ach person eagerly waiting for the end of this deadly disease. A irborne germs are floating everywhere. It feels as if you cannot escape illness.

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