Acrostic Poems

By Rose


S tarting a sleepover? Oh! What Fun!

L eaping children all over the place!

E nergetic children. Hard to sleep.

E xited children. Oh no! Here comes the complaints!

P artying it up all up all night! The parents get overwhelmed.

O bey the parents. Or else!

V ictory! I won the game!

E xhausted children time to sleep.

R elaxation finally going to sleep.

A acrostic poem is a poem that says a word vertically. But each line has to have the first letter that has the letter of that line. I was inspired to make this poem when I read my first acrostic poem. So I decide I would try to make one. I picked this topic because I had just went to a sleepover and this is what happened!


B etter than television. Paints a picture in your mind.

O oh i’m in an oasis full of trees

O h no! I’m in a dungeon full of dragons!

K angaroos surprise me. By jumping from behind!

S tars in the night sky. So beautiful.

I picked this topic because. I LOVE READING. In this poem I try to take you into different places like how a book describes a setting.

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Aunt Cindy
Aunt Cindy
9 months ago

Great poems!

The sleepover sounds like so much fun!

Also, I agree that books are so much more entertaining than TV. I enjoy how it also paints a picture in my mind .

9 months ago

Awesome poems! The one about books painted pictures in my mind and made me feel interesting emotions. Were these poems fun for you to write? Will you write more? I’d love to hear more poems by you.

Aunt Kat
Aunt Kat
9 months ago

These were so wonderful! I could feel the energy of the sleepover through your words.
I also loved all the different settings you put the reader through in your “Books” poem!

As always, a FANTASTIC job!!!!

Remington Ta
Remington Ta
9 months ago

Amazing poem! I have one for you too.

Peter cartwheeling on the grass
Aunts begging for hugs
Rose studying the gods
Tired parents taking one last shot
Yummy leftovers waiting by your shoes

Remington Ta
Remington Ta
9 months ago
Reply to  The Zen Kids

Thank you. You inspired me, Rose! Woof!

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