The Zen Kids

The soccer post

Kick the soccer ball on your side or if you need back up the kick it on your Instep once in a while when your in a soccer game. That’s all for today.

How to be a ninja

Be quiet enough until no one sees you also subscribe when you see a video on the computer but not on your sisters! Attack them when you get close to them but only if you have a sword but only if your in danger. when there is bad guys make a Shinobi first before a …

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Greek mythology Hera

I think this is important because she is the wife of Zeus king of the gods so she must be important. You might like this if you want to learn more about Zeus. Hera was considered to be very beautiful and Hera spent most of her time showering in spring water,using fragrant oils,and braiding her …

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Pot holders

I call this one rainbow pot holder because it has all the colors of the rainbow. All the pot holders are made of fabric. And my mom and Rose made all the pot holders. I call this one sideways pot holder because it looks like the lines are going in many directions. I call this …

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