Greek mythology Gigantomachy Part 2 of Titanomachy!

Revenge of the Titans

I am writing this post because I want to finish Titanomachy

I think you would like this if you liked Titanomachy.

The Gigantes in Greek Mythology - Greek Legends and Myths
Gigantomachy (Revenge of the Titans)

The giants were the children of Gaea and Uranus and Gaea wanted them to seek revenge so she urged the giants (or her children)to defeat the gods they were very happy to seek revenge to the gods because they didn’t want to obey Zeus’s rules for them. So they found out what to do to get up into the clouds they stacked mountains and climbed them.

At Mount Olympus the gods knew this day was coming because of a prophecy of Hera that said that one of the mortals (or humans) needed to participate to win the war so they told Heracles step up. The giants threw boulders at mount olympus and plucked burning trees of the ground and threw them at Mount Olympus. Zeus threw lightning bolts at them. Then Heracles came into the fight in between the war of the giants and the gods. He knocked out Alcyoneus a very strong giant.

The rest of the giants fled ending the war and the captured giants were buried underneath mountains. So Ancient Greeks thought when the giants thrashed earthquakes shook and volcanos erupted.

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Aunt Cindy
Aunt Cindy
3 years ago

Wow, the giants really should’ve talked to Zeus nicely and asked him to change the rules for them. I feel very bad for the giants that got buried underneath the mountains, but I hope that they don’t ever escape! I don’t them to throw a burning tree at me!!

3 years ago

Wow, that’s a great ending to the war! Thanks Rose and Peter for the story.

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