Greek mythology Hera

I think this is important because she is the wife of Zeus king of the gods so she must be important.

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Hera: The Goddess - The Temptation of Zeus
Hera goddess of women and marriage

Hera was considered to be very beautiful and Hera spent most of her time showering in spring water,using fragrant oils,and braiding her locks and was as proud as a peacock.

Zeus married several goddesses and mortals and Hera wanted revenge so she tied Zeus to his bed and sneakily snatched zeus’s thunderbolt but he was eventually freed by one of the one hundred handers and got his revenge he hung Hera upside down from the heavens.

Hera got revenge on another woman for example she got her revenge on a nymph named Echo. Echo was very chatty and one day it got the worst of her. So one day Zeus was spending time with another woman and this made Hera very angry. So Echo distracted her by talking to her and Zeus secretly sneaked away while Echo kept on talking nonstop and when Hera finally found out Zeus was gone! This made Hera very angry she cursed Echo and she could only say the last words someone else said.

Hera was also very clever she always knew when Zeus was hiding something from her. So this is one example Zeus tried to keep one of his wifes safe he turned poor Io into a cow. But Hera found them she asked what he was doing with a cow and asked for Io as a gift and thought that there was no reason not so Zeus said yes. And that was a big mistake she sent Io to Argus the one hundred eyed monster. Once Hera found out Io escaped she sent a biting fly to bite Poor Io.

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Aunt Cindy
Aunt Cindy
2 years ago

Wow, I wish that Zeus and Hera were nicer to each other. Hera was also very mean to Io and Echo.

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