Greek Mythology introduction


I am writing this post because I got interested in Greek mythology and my parents bought me greek mythology books

You may be interested in this too because there is all lot of different things to learn about gods and goddesses and there is all lot of different types of stories such as heroes in battles with beasts or love stories or sad stories.

Gaea and Uranus

Gaea earth and Uranus heaven

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Gaea and Uranus

When earth was not formed it was called chaos and it was a place of nothingness until Gaea emerged and looked up and there was Uranus and they were instantly smitten and Uranus made it rain down And soon it exploded with valleys, trees , plants, and mountains.

Gaea and Uranus had several children their first six kids had 50 heads and 100 arms(or called Hecatoncheires) the second trio had a pair of cyclopes. Uranus said that the were ugly and did not believe they should live on beautiful earth so he threw them all in Tartarus.

Gaea had six more children. Gaea’s relationship with Uranus was forever spoiled. she had a second batch of sons and from the second batch of sons Gaea asked Cronus when he was old enough to attack Uranus with an unbreakable sickle and Cronus did what he was told and Uranus retreated and Cronus was the new lord of the universe.

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2 years ago

Wow this is a great post. Good thing all my children are beautiful! Otherwise I would have thrown Rose & Peter into Tartarus too!

2 years ago

Thanks so much! this really helped me understand more about mythology. Love the things you are writing!

2 years ago

Wow this is so interesting! No wonder you like it so much. I hope you share more stories with me soon.

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