Greek mythology Rhea and Cronus


I am writing this post because these are the parents that started any god that we know of today.

If you want to learn about the parents of the Gods this is the perfect post to read.

Mother and father of the gods

Greek Titans: Who Were The 12 Titans In Greek Mythology?
Rhea and Cronus

When Rhea and Cronus had married, it looked like a bliss at first but they eventually broke up. And for a good reason, a prophet warned him that his kids would overthrow him eventually. So Cronus decided to eat his children.

When Rhea had her sixth child called Zeus, she had a trick up her sleeve with the help of her mom Gaea. She wrapped up a rock with a blanket and gave it to Cronus and he ate the rock. And she hid Zeus in a cave in Crete.

Meanwhile, at the cave Zeus who was looked after by nymphs and a nanny that is a goat named Amaltheia. And Gaea made little soldiers called curetes bang their swords and shields to drown out the sound when Zeus cried or fussed.

Zeus was ready to leave the cave to seek revenge on Cronus. ,And did that by poisoning Cronus. And he was poisoned so much that he threw up his children. And Cronus’s reign as the leader of the universe was in danger.

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2 years ago

You guys are yummy. Yummier than a rock. Maybe I’ll eat you instead!

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Whoa, my mom always says I taste yummy too. Hope she doesn’t eat me when I’m sleeping.

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