Once upon a witch

Chapters 4-6

Chapter 4

The witch wrangled him to the ground he was about to face his doom when…  He woke up with his head pounding. A lady with hopeful eyes told him the story of what had happened. She said that when he almost got killed that she and her brother had rescued him.  After that he asked her “What’s your name?” She responded “it’s Justice now.“ “What’s yours?” she asked. “It’s um a little embarrassing Susan is my real name but just call me George.””Where is your brother?” He asked. “Oh” she said “He got badly injured and is at the hospital” “Sorry” he said guiltily. Anyways why did you save me? “We didn’t do it for you we did it because she is going to summon a demon and with 3 more sacrifices she will succeed.” She said nervously. The girl had actually done this not just because of the demon. I will tell the story. Once there was a girl not just a girl a ghost she had  take her revenge on the witch of Glaicerhaven and knew that soon she would summon a demon for revenge. So Alex/Ghost told Justice her plans and said she had sworn to haunt her for the rest of her life if not. A bit over the top. Don’t you think? I mean having a visit from a ghost is scary this is even more. But still it did the job. Back to the story. “I want to help.” Susan/George said grimly.

Chapter 5

The only reason he was on this trip was because he was Justice’s sister and maybe a little bit because of the whispers he heard in his ears. But look at him  now! He wished he had never signed up for this big mistake. Especially because (don’t tell him I said this.) he was jealous of George. She was training George when she could be helping him! Badly for Justin, George is thinking that she was the one maiden for him to marry. Let’s get back to the story. Justin was having  an argument with Billy. After that George was feeling a lot worse when he heard George whisper “He’s just a jealous meanie.” That was it Justin was mad. He decided to break the couple up. “Goodbye George” He whispered softly.

Chapter 6

The witch was hurt too but she didn’t know it, partly because she was insane. And partly because it didn’t hurt because she was half dead. No one knew how badly she wished she could die or her hopes and dreams because they were buried deep inside her loneliness and her fear so no one knew. The witch didn’t even know herself. Because her real self was buried so deep in her. There was more of the dark side than the bright side. But it felt hopeless secretly because she couldn’t control herself and wanted too badly. Back to the story. The witch hadn’t gotten more people since them. She was afraid of the demon because he sometimes appeared as a ghost to her and that fear controlled her. She knew his weaknesses but was too scared to try to stop him. So now the demon whispered to her “Find me before it’s too late and take the lives of the trio.”

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Remington Ta
Remington Ta
1 year ago

George’s real name is SUSAN?! Wow and I love the action and comedy of your writing style!

Robaire's Dad
Robaire's Dad
1 year ago

Wow this is suspenseful!!!

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