Once upon a witch

Chapters 7-9

Chapter 7

The mighty  Soulsucker had feelings too. Every time he killed he felt a painful jerk towards his heart. He was doing this because his town reputation would fall if not his town name was “The No Soul village” (His adviser told him that name.) in order to keep it he would have to destroy one planet every century. If not then people outside the village would destroy it thinking it was weak. Each time he destroyed a planet he felt a burn in his chest. He didn’t know why he felt bad for. Wasn’t he doing the right thing to save his people? Let’s get back to the story. Soulsucker was going with this plan no matter what. Each time he controlled the witch he felt worse but no matter. He was going with this plan no matter what.

Chapter 8

George didn’t know how to propose to Justice. And it felt like Justin was always getting in the way it was infuriating. He wished he could just get out of the way. But this time he was definitely not. Let’s start beginning the story. “Hey Justice will you go with me to check on the witch?” “Okay” said Justice. “I’m coming too.” said Justin eyeing him suspiciously. “Sure” said George. When the walk began he stayed at the back waiting for the time to strike. “Hey Justin walk with me” George said. “Okay” Justin said. “Here drink some water.” he said. He drank it. On the bottle it said obeying potion. “You are going to go back home and gather a feast for me and Justice.”  George said smirking. “Do not eat any of it.” He added.  

Chapter 9 

“Your proposing to me” Justice said amazed. “Of course you are the most amazing girl I have ever met.” George responded. Also where’s Justin? Justice asked. He got tired George responded. Let’s head home. When they got there George whispered “ Don’t say anything suspicious and don’t mention the obeying potion. And also let me take the credit. Just go to bed.” All poor Justin could do was nod. “Wow!” Justice said enthusiastically “Just for me!” “Yes” Justin said “George made it all.” “I’m heading to bed.” He added. Now George was truly happy. 

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Robaire's Dad
Robaire's Dad
1 year ago

Now the story is getting deeper!!

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