Once upon a witch

Chapters 1-3

Chapter 1 

Once there was a witch that was half dead. She has been like this for a long time. She can see everyone and everything and people can feel her but she can’t breathe or feel anything and can live forever until someone slays her. Her bad fortune happened a while back probably back at the ice age. she had been evil then but the years had made her go insane. What had happened is she was making the potion to make someone half dead like she is to take revenge on someone. But her assistant had a brother who had drank a potion and had gotten very sick and died so the sister swore revenge. When the witch wasn’t looking her assistant pushed her into the cauldron. The assistant bellowed triumphantly “Now you will finally get punished for what you did to my brother and the many other people you have hurt!” And with that she took off and ran into the woods. After that she gained a reward and lived a very happy life and became famous. But back to the main topic. The witch had a lot of time to think about her words they rang in her ears a million times and at the point she became mad (the crazy kind of mad). So that is why she lurks in a cave deep in the woods forevermore until…

Chapter 2

There was a kind and lovely man he had sworn to find a maiden as kind and as lovely as he was. He had decided to go to the next town through the woods (for that was a shortcut and he had searched his own town for the wife for him.). This had happened because he had a lovely but cruel hearted wife. He had given her all a maiden would like but despite all his efforts his wife had turned on him. After that his heart ached to give love to others so he had gone on his quest to find a girl befit for him. He had walked for many hours when it started to rain so he decided to rest until the storm was over in a cave. When he arrived at the cave an ancient looking woman was staring at him.

Chapter 3  

It was the witch of course that was staring at him for if you go to the last sentence of chapter one you can see that is where the witch lives (and plus it gives this story more excitement.). Anyways back to the story. The witch hissed “why have you come to seek the O great and mighty witch of Glaicerhaven. “I have come to seek shelter in this cave” he said nervously then he added “I mean you no harm.” There was something about her that would make a hundred men surrender and drop to the ground head over knees. He didn’t know if it was the evil glimmer in her eyes or the way her knees bent or if it was that she looked all crazy like she hadn’t felt love in a long time. Anyways back to the story. “That’s what they all say!” The witch said loudly “You’re probably here to slay the mighty witch!” The witch at the time was getting confused with the past and the present. She was thinking back at the time in the olden days. But at this time the man had never heard of a witch (For the rest had died out a long time ago.). Back to the story. And with that the witch attacked him.

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Remington Ta
Remington Ta
1 year ago

Wow!!! Great story. I love the description. I wonder what will happen with Glaicerhaven and the man.

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