Thanksgiving Turkey

We got to make this turkey.

The turkey is telling reasons not to eat him. You can see its name on the back. I made her in class. At the bottom you can see its name on the image. You can see its a girl by her bow. The turkeys hoping you don’t eat him for thanksgiving dinner!

It has 3 reasons to not eat her! let me tell you the letter the turkey is holding! Turkey: “You should not eat me family I hope you are reasonable enough!”

  1. The 1st reason you should not eat me is that you hurt me.
  2. Another reason is that I could be your best friend.
  3. Finally please don’t eat me because you could collect my feathers.
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Jennifer Truong
Jennifer Truong
3 years ago

Great post and very persuasive reasons not to eat a turkey for Thanksgiving. Do you have any suggestions for what to eat instead that would be yummy and filling?

3 years ago

I will not eat the Turkey. The Turkey is my friend too!

3 years ago
Reply to  The Zen Kids

I did not know he had a pet turkey. Maybe I will ask my parents for a pet turkey too! I would name it Tofu!

Aunt Cindy
Aunt Cindy
3 years ago

Your project reminds me of a very fun book called Turkey Trouble! The turkey dressed up in different costumes so that the farmer wouldn’t cook him for Thanksgiving. You should check it out if you haven’t already! Great project guys!

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