The Prophecy Chapter 2

Inspired by Erin Hunter

Chapter 2

There were several gasps and murmurs echoing around the clearing-including hers.This is what Creamdog meant! Halfgold realized.  ”There will be extra patrols and puppies stay in the nursery. If anyone sees suspicious behavior tell me. I will go to the ancient oak to see if they can make the prophecy any clearer.”  Blackdog decided. “My seniors and older warriors will discuss this prophecy in my den.”

“What do you think this means?”asked Halfspeckle.

“I had a dream.” Halfgold responded. 

“What happened in the dream?” asked Halfspeckle. 

“Well, Creamdog showed me a pool and in the pool was a picture of dying warriors fighting in an endless war. And he told me I was the one.” Answered Halfgold. 

“Why didn’t you tell Blackdog?” Asked Halfspeckle. 

“Because I just became an apprentice a bark ago so I don’t want it to seem like i’m trying to take advantage of my new position.”Halfgold said.  Halfspeckle just nodded. Halfgold heard a faint rustle of leaves, she turned around hissing fiercely. But realized it was just a patrol. 

“There are flock of geese settling in!” Barked Redloyal excitedly. The patrol looked puzzled that the pack wasn’t more excited. 

“We’ll fill you in later.” Halfspeckle said to Halfbrown. Halfbrown nodded his head slightly. Then Blackdog emerged from his den.

“That’s good news.”Said Blackdog calmly “Let them be for a few days so they feel safe and so they can expand there flock then we will hunt them. Join us here, Redloyal, we will tell you everything.” Redloyal gave an appreciative nod. 

Halfspeckle padded her awake. “What is it?” asked Halfgold sleepily.

“Blackdog wants us to meet with us!” Halfspeckle barked excitedly.  

“What!”  Halfgold said excitedly.

“You should go and get over there already” said Whitedaring impatiently “Instead of yapping around mindless birds.” Her father’s icy stare had lit yet another fuse. Instead of barking a retort she simply nodded her head. The only thing that gave away her anger was that her tail was arched over her back like a cobra waiting to strike. 

“Lets go.” Said Halfspeckle. They ran as fast as there legs could carry them to Blackdog’s den.

“You’re here.” Said Blackdog. “I want you to come to come with me to the ancient oak.” Blackdog said. The ancient oak was a place where they could see their friends and family in the pack of ancestors “There are many  dangers up ahead if you decide to come.” Blackdog said, concerned. ”Are you up to the task?” 

“Yes Blackdog.” Halfgold couldn’t keep the excitement out of her voice. Halfspeckle nodded but the wagging of her tail gave it away.

“Very well we shall go to the ancient oak at Sunrise tomorrow” Said Blackdog. Halfspeckle and Halfgold bounded out of the clearing there tails wagging heavily. 

“What happened?” Asked Halfbrown.

“We’re going to the ancient oak!” Answered Halgold.

“What are you apprentices yapping about now?” Asked Silverfierce. 

“We’re going to go to the ancient oak tomorrow!” Halfspeckle answered for her.

“Very well. That’s what I thought  you will skip training today to gain some energy.” Said Silverfierce.   

When it was time to eat Halfgold and Halfspeckle barely felt hungry because they were full of excitement. So instead they decided to go to the river to fish. When they were done there jaws were full of fish. And when they went to their dens they thought about the ancient oak until exhaustion claimed them.  

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