The prophecy Chapter 1

Inspired by the series Warriors

Chapter 1 

Where am I? Halfgold wondered. She was in a clear grassy meadow.  She could smell a whiff of prey. Then Creamdog appeared he was their pack’s old headmutt. Halfgold stared in disbelief at Creamdog.

“Come” he beckoned to her. She padded hesitantly over to Creamdog. “Follow me” he gestured. He flicked his tail to a small pool. To her horror the pool showed dying warriors fighting in an endless war. When she looked for Creamdog she couldn’t see him. But his scent still lingered on. His voice whispered in the breeze “You are the chosen one” it said. 

“Halfgold!”, a dog called “Wake up.” Halfgold squinted to see who disrupted her dream. It was Silverfierce.  I am going on a hunting expedition. “ Silverfierce explained. “Do you want to come?” Halfgold woke up in an instant. For a moment Halfgold wondered if she should tell Silverfierce about her vision, but decided that it was probably just a dream. She bounded toward her tutor enthusiastically.

“There is a rabbit ahead” Halfgold noticed.

“Remember your training.” Silverfierce said in a half-whisper. Halfgold’s belly lay flat on the ground and she started to stalk the rabbit. The rabbit looked around it’s whiskers twitching. Then Halfgold pounced. Before the rabbit could hop away, Halfgold went for the killing blow. Then the rabbit lay still. “Excelent!” Silverfierce said happily. “But next time put your tail lower” Silverfierce noted. Not long after Silverfierce spotted a squirrel. Halfgold went into a crouch her bottom up. But luck was not on her side. A sudden gust of wind blew in her face. The squirrel scented her and ran agilely back to its burrow. Halfgold looked up at Silverfierce in embarrassment. “It’s fine” Silverfierce said. Though her eyes shone with disappointment.

“Good job hunting” Silverfierce said. Though expressionless her eyes shone with pride. “You can eat the rabbit that you caught, but first put the other prey that you caught into the fresh kill stack.” Silverfierce said. 

“Halfspeckle” Halfgold called “Do you want to share a rabbit with me?”

“Sure” Halfspeckle called back. 

“Dial it down.” Said one of the seniors “Otherwise you’ll scare away all the prey in the woods.” Halfgold looked down at her paws in embarrassment as the pack chuckled.  

“Here“ I said ripping off a piece for him.

Halfspeckle exclaimed“You won’t believe what happened at!” 

But before he could finish Blackdog barked “Dogs of Barkmore I have a message from the pack of ancestors.” They have shown me a prophecy.” Blackdog recited.

 Dog kind will split into two

And never stop fighting

Blood will shed in vain

Only the one can stop this war

For if the one doesn’t succeed then nodog will survive

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