The Prophecy Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Halfgold  woke up at sunrise with as much enthusiasm as a puppy being turned into an apprentice. She noticed Halfspeckle was still asleep. So she padded her awake. Halfgold whispered softly in her ear “Time to wake up.”  Halfspeckle blinked his eyes sleepily. Then realized they were going to the ancient oak and bounded enthusiastically to Halfgold. 

“We should probably get some herbs from Greyheal.” Halfgold nodded her agreement. They bounded toward Greyheal’s den.

“Is this serious?” Asked Greyheal “Cause I don’t got the time to go around and take twenty hours pickin fleas from your dirty booty.” Greyheal was the pack’s curer. Before that he was a curer for another pack from the west. That’s how he got his Texas accent (and attitude). They call their pack “Payback”. A little over the top, don’t you think? 

“We need herbs because we are going to the ancient oak.” Said Halfspeckle.

“Very well.” Nodded Greyheal “It’s the herb on the top stone to the left. The root on the left is for strength an the seeds on the right is for hunger. Ya’ll get it cause my legs are not what they used to be and I got more patients with serious illnesses and injury’s. Be quick.”That was true, Halfgold realized. Almost all the dens were filled with patients from the battle with another pack three weeks ago. Halfgold reached her paw up to the top shelf and gave it a push to drop it down. It landed with a hard thump onto the ground. “Hey!”Grayheal scolded him”Don’t y’all know how to be careful? Y’all coulda smashed a perfectly good herb. I only got five more sets of that herb!” 

Halfgold muttered an apology.  Halfgold and Halfspeckle ate the herbs quickly. The herbs tasted bitter so she lapped some water from a puddle and bounded outside the camp. Outside the camp Blackdog and Redloyal were already ready. “What took you so long?” Redloyal asked with a hint of a growl in his throat. 

“Sorry” Murmured Halfspeckle glaring at Halfgold“We just had some trouble along the way.” Redloyal was about to make a sharp retort when Blackdog butted in.

“We can’t argue about this right now.” Blackdog growled “We only have till Sunset.” Sunset was the only time of day when the sun and the ancient oak were in perfect alignment.

Then Whitedaring emerged from his den and said “Don’t do anything silly otherwise i’ll chop off your ears and declaw your claws.” Halfgold shivered at that thought. Halfgold’s father was always mean and judgemental she sometimes had dreams about her father murdering her but he wouldn’t. Would he? After all they were still kin. They soon left camp. As they walked she saw the leafy green canopy turn into hills too rivers as they walked. The herbs were taking its toll. But she started to become hungry after a few hours. 

“We should stop to hunt and rest until the sun is its highest.” Redloyal suggested. Blackdog twitched his ear in agreement. Halfgold scented for prey but it was hard because the wind was blowing upwind. She managed to catch a starling and a chaffinch. “Over here.” Redloyal called “I’ve found a spot to rest.” Halfgold looked around they were in a damp cave with grass sprouting in the cracks.

“Let’s make the pile of fresh kill over here.” Blackdog suggested. Halfgold wondered why Blackdog wasn’t eating. But then realized that that was part of the ritual the leader can’t eat during the journey to the ancient oak. Halfgold grabbed his chaffinch for herself and a shrew and squirrel for Halfspeckle. 

“How was hunting for you?” Asked Halfgold “I caught a chaffinch and a starling.”

“I caught two shrews and a rabbit.” Answered Halfspeckle biting the last of his squirrel. “I think I’m going to take a quick nap.” Barked Halfspeckle.

“Me too.” Halfgold said in agreement.

“Wake up.” Redloyal said padding her awake “The sun is at its highest point.” Soon after Halfgold’s soreness kicked in. Her paws felt like they had been walking for ages. And the damp cave floor made her feel stiff. Halfgold peeked out of the cave only to find shining eyes staring straight back at her.

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Robaire's Dad
Robaire's Dad
1 year ago

Amazing story!! Halfgold is my favorite!. I also like Greyheal 🙂

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